Hockomock Triangle, Unearthing the Chronicles (2014) – Where It Begins

posted by Jay, September 20, 2012 @ 5:40 pm

In the World of making video episodes that have to compete with network production teams and also our very own brains (in the sense that we need massive amounts of input per second to stay interested in even just every day TV), most of our content is now being produced in a fashion which respectively takes away a lot from how things just are; they are becoming more TV like. For example, there is no way you can put 6 mins of a car ride into an episode. It’s just not possible if you are looking to gain retention. Conversely, there is a big part of us that is a story all-by-itself, much like with most of you out there for that matter. We would think most producers would even agree that sometimes it is almost tragic that so much of that back story is left out of the finished compilation. We are sure many of you cinematographers can also relate as well in terms of how sound-based works of art become so diluted by the time it gets to the end users’ devices.

We have decided to put aside the risks, and produce a real behind-the-scenes start to a real beginning of a story, that is so much bigger than anything we have ever took on as a project and as a team; a project that could destroy us. You will be able to experience it, and even be a part of it in certain instances. Comments and fan based interactions will surely influence certain outcomes.

These kinds of videos will become a rarity now, but that does not mean they will go away completely. They stand for something. Many people don’t realize that The Jay and Juggy Show.TV have inadvertently launched the biggest expedition into the Hockomock Swamp and Bridgewater Triangle in recent human history. True story. So far, we have done aerial recon, ground recons and we have even stayed out in the Hockomock Swamp overnight, fighting below freezing temperatures and in fact experienced certain things that the team cannot explain even today. Not to mention that there are areas of the Hockomock that we have yet to sack! So showing some of the back story in this way will be important and even sometimes comical and meaningful.

What will happen? Who leaves? Will The Jay and Juggy Show.TV’s season finale be the end or will it be the beginning of something much more? All that and more on the next The Jay and Juggy Show.TV.

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