Season 1 Finale: 9/11 Truths Tribute

posted by Jay, January 29, 2011 @ 6:26 am

The Jay and Juggy Show

The 9/11 Truths Tribute: Season 1 Finale video is actually a remake of a season 1 series of videos filmed while in New York. The trip was part of a cross country road trip to ga ther footage for

the show. However, the prior video that contained a lot of this footage, along with almost 100 other videos, were lost in a website migration.

This short documentary comes from voices of the people who live New York. They were witnesses to 9/11 first hand. Their claims are opinions, and we hold no bias to opinions.

All footage filming, producing, editing & narration was done by The Jay and Juggy Show.TV.

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Season 1 Finale: 9/11 Truths Tribute

9/11 Truths Tribute


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